Improve the quality of avocados and optimize the value chain with AVOS

AVOS is a smart solution that objectively measures the quality of avocados, in just a few seconds. 

AVOS advices you to make the best decision after measuring quality from a specific batch. Data is automatically captured, which will enable you to optimize your core process and improve the supply- and distribution chain as no other company.

Quality control without cutting loss

More insight in batch quality

Storage of qualitative data


AVOS has proven impact on various aspects of the value chain. In addition to the economic impact, AVOS ensures that avocados are processed in a sustainable way throughout the entire supply chain.

+ 0 %
Quality Increase​

- 0 %
less cuttingwaste

qualitative data

complete structured database/pallet

1 %
total waste reduction

Ripening facilities

Check more avocados due to non-destructive quality control.

    • Better decision making based on quality insights
    • Optimized ripening settings
    • Matching customer demand
    • Optimum sorting packaging


Optimize storage management and select the best avocados

  • Share quality results with suppliers
  • Optimize storage management and select the best avocados for in the store


Select faster and better avocados
for transportation.

  • Create uniform batches of avocado’s
  • Learn about the quality of the avocado from each farm
  • Monitoring supply chain timing and quality


Discover the potential and benefits for your company with AVOS.

the brains behind avoS

Marco de Jong

Chief Scientist
+31 (0)634 385 852

Thijs de Haas

Business Consultant
+31 (0)610 971 619

Leo Swart

+31 653 823 865

Nico Smid

Business Developer
+31(0)6 54 93 79 81

Sara Perricone

Data Scientist

Agis Christopoulos

Data Scientist

Martijn van Wezel

Data Scientist

Frank Jonker

Marketing & Communication


We are committed to reduce waste and increase fruit quality with smart, AI powered, quality control.

Our vision is to reduce waste and increase quality within the fruit sector by using Artificial Intelligence together with the knowledge of experienced operational employees.

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