Get a grip on
fruit ripeness
and quality

Optimise fruit ripeness and quality
through our integrated data platform

Integrate your data sources with our smart ripening and quality platform. Every day.

The first integrated information platform that unites all relevant data sources in one place. Make powerful operational. decisions on a complete overview of your data.

  • Integrate all your relevant data sources in one place
  • Process your data automatically for operational use
  • Capture and store your experience data easy and quickly
  • Make objective operational decisions based on your own data
  • Understand your process better through multidimensional insights

For those who make daily decisions about fruit ripeness and quality

> Sourcing > Quality Control (QC) > Ripening > Grading

> Sourcing

Gain quality insights and give valuable feedback to your suppliers.

> Quality Control (QC)

Measure your fruits ripeness and quality fast and objective with AVOS mini and MANGOS mini

> Ripening

Improve ripening processes and optimize your yield

> Grading

Assure delivery of your product within client specifications

Measure your fruits ripeness and quality fast and objective with
AVOS-mini® and MANGOS-mini®

Save time with non-destructive and objective fruit check. Get fully automated support on ripeness and quality decisions.