“Hi, I’m AVOS. Have we met?

I am an Avocado Quality Assistant that helps quality experts performing quality control. My goal is to provide quality experts with the right information about the quality, so they make the right decisions for the next step. For example, how long the avocados should be ripened or to which client the batch can be send to.

Of course, I cannot do this all alone. I work close with quality experts and learn a lot from them.

As you notice, I am not a real person. I am Artificial Intelligence. I am trained by real quality experts to learn everything about avocados: the color, the ripening stage, and the defects.

Let me explain how I grew from a rookie to a highly intelligent avocado quality assistant.

Measuring over cutting

Different factors determine the quality of an avocado. Therefore, I need some information from the avocado beforehand, to know the state of the avocado. For this, I use the output of a hardware device that takes these measurements for me, without destructing the avocado

The device carries out multiple checks on the avocado and this information gets sent to me immediately:  

  • Color photos
  • NIR photos 
  • Pressure measurements  

The collaboration with quality experts has taught me what is going on with the avocado. We call this in technical terms labelling. Thanks to all these labels, I have seen a lot of avocados with different characteristics. This collected experience data ensures that if I see an avocado now, I can recognize immediately what is going on. 

Learning by doing

I am Artificial Intelligence. I am not perfect. Like humans, I have to keep on training and learning about what is going on. That’s why I always ask feedback to quality experts. When they don’t agree with my advice, I ask them what they think of the avocado. This feedback helps me to continue learning, and become a better assistant for them!”



Highly intelligent quality assistant


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