Start with smart quality control

3 reasons why smart quality control in the supply chain is highly important in the fruit sector.

1. Client is king!

We want to satisfy our clients with a product that meets their requirement. Especially in the fruit sector it is therefore key to frequently monitor the quality of the fruit. As soon as the fruit is affected, we want to undertake action to maintain good quality. Eventually, our client chooses the product for consumption. This choice is not only based on price, the quality plays a major role in the consumption of fruit. Eventually, a satisfied client increases the chance of more purchases, it’s their decision.

2. Sustainability = allocating

Sustainability is all about allocating the right resources and the right amount to products. Having a deep understanding of the quality of fruit enables experts to give the fruit the best treatment. For instance, fruit that is already considered old shouldn’t be shipped for weeks to the other side of the world. It can better be consumed in regional areas then being thrown to waste in other countries. Therefore, quality control helps employees making the right decisions in order to maintain or increase the quality.

3. Deeper levels of quality

Quality is more than a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ label. Quality gives insights in the product about many characteristics, for example: taste, smell, size, juicy, sweet, soft, etc. Standardized and objective quality control helps organizations to dive in these aspects and learn from factors that influence these characteristics. Some factors are controllable, such as the amount of water and the right nutrition. Other factors are not, such as climate or diseases. The goal is to create the best environment for the fruit by learning which (controllable) factors influence the quality. In this way, quality control drives organizations to make decisions to get the best quality.



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