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The amount of fruit that goes to waste is tremendous and unnecessary. The majority of the waste is caused by the lack of the right information at the right time. We are certain that core employees make the difference with their great knowledge and experience. 

Therefore, we aim to empower these experts and give them support to make better decisions. They are key for the quality, let’s help them out! 

What do we do?

We create a synergy between human experience and smart data solutions to make processes more sustainable and valuable

• We dive in the journey of core employees and discover how they can be empowered by the use of Artificial Intelligence.

• We develop smart solutions with the goal to provide information at the right time at the right moment, in order to empower the expert to make the right decision.

• With the help of our Artificial Assistants, we bridge the gap between human knowledge and data intelligence. 

Improve quality

Building solutions​


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World’s first easy to use portable solution that helps you execute objective and non-destructive quality control with the use of Artificial Intelligence

the brains behind Experience Fruit Quality

Marco de Jong

Chief Scientist

Sara Perricone

Data Scientist

Martijn van Wezel

Data Scientist

Agis Christopoulos

Data Scientist

Thijs de Haas

Business consultant

Frank Jonker

Marketing & Communication

Leo Swart


Leo Crezee



We are committed to reduce waste and increase fruit quality with smart, AI powered, quality control.

Our vision is to reduce waste and increase quality within the fruit sector by using Artificial Intelligence together with the knowledge of experienced operational employees.

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